HSR now requires all drivers and co-drivers to hold a license issued by HSR.


HSR is introducing the Single Event Credential (SEC) license.  This license is for those who will compete at a single event with HSR in 2024.  The cost of a SEC Competition license is $150, and a SEC Super license is $200.  If a second SEC is needed in a calendar year, a full license will be issued and the difference in price will be due.  This difference is $120 for a competition license and $180 for a super license.

Use this online form to apply for a full HSR Competition or Super License, or to apply for a Single Event Credential.

The purchase of a full Competition or Super License will include a subscription to Classic Motorsports magazine and admittance for the license-holder to most HSR-sanctioned events (excluding certain specialty events).

To participate in HSR races, you must have a license issued by HSR.  After completing the following form your license will be reviewed by HSR competition staff.  DO NOT attempt to register for a race event until your license has been approved.  Attempting to register for an event immediately after applying for a license will result in an error message and an incomplete license application and event registration.