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HSR WeatherTech Sprint Series

GROUP 2 - Vintage Sportscars
GROUP 3 - Vintage/Historic Sportscars & Sedans
GROUP 4A/B - Classic Monoposto & Monoposto Formula
GROUP 4C - Modern Era Formula
GROUP 5 - Big Bore Sportscars & Sedans 
GROUP 6 - Historic/Post-Historic/Modern Era Prototypes
GROUP 7 - Historic/Post-Historic Sports Racers 
GROUP 8 - American Stock Cars, NASCAR
GROUP 9 - Post Historic/Modern Era - GT
GROUP 10 - Global GT
2015 Points Standings
If It's been raced on a road course, there's a pretty good chance you'll see it in the HSR WeatherTech Sprint Series! These events are all-out sprint races, and last eight to twelve laps, depending on the race venue.

The HSR WeatherTech Sprint Series features nine different groups of cars, grouped together by classes due to similar vintage and engine displacement to provide extremely close competition. The groups vary from open-wheel formula cars, early 60's vintage GT racers & more modern GT cars.. 

Providing spectacular wheel-to-wheel action, the HSR WeatherTech Sprint Series is a crowd favorite.

HSR WeatherTech Sprint Series
A key component to the heritage of sports car racing is the endurance event. Great motorsports events such as the 24 Hours of Le Mans have been in existence almost as long as the automobile, and many of race cars entered in HSR competition where originally campaigned in endurance racing. To keep the spirit of endurance racing alive for these cars, their drivers and mechanics, HSR has created the Historic Endurance Challenge, sponsored by BRM Chronographes.

Representing the only true historic endurance series in the United States, the BRM Chronographes Endurance Challenge consists of five separate events, Vintage, GT Classic, GT Modern, Historic and Prototype. The cars competing in these five Endurance Races are placed in their event based on the model year and type of their race car.

Depending on track venue, the races last from one to four hours in length, and in some cases are at night. The fact that so many of these race cars finish the four-hour enduros is a true testament to the skill and dedication of the crews and their drivers.
HSR BRM CHRONOGRAPHES  Endurance Challenge
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Sebring Historics
Sebring International Raceway
December 3 - 6, 2015
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BRM Watches Endurance Challenge


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