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Contact HSR
Please use the form below to easily contact HSR with questions and/or comments.  Scroll down for individual staff contact information.
HSR Staff Contacts
Diane Simpson - Owner
Phone: (727) 573-1340
Tom Hardy - Chief Steward
Phone: (727) 573-1340
Chip Wright - Chief of Tech
Phone: (727) 573-1340
Janet Harhay - Chief of Timing
Phone: (727) 573-1340
Steve Simpson - Owner
Phone: (727) 573-1340
David Hinton - Owner/President
​Phone: (727) 573-1340
HSR Membership
HSR Office
HSR Sponsorship
HSR Membership is required for our drivers and permanent crew, however spectators may become members as well.  Your HSR membership includes entry to all of our spectator events and invitations to our event parties.  Membership is annual and may be purchased on-line.

Become and HSR MEMBER today!
Sponsoring HSR is a unique way for anyone to support the HSR racing series.  Sponsorships come in varying forms and values, and we are proud to be supported by our sponsors.  Sponsor donations help fund our event parties, trophies, and more.

CONTACT US to become an HSR Sponsor today!
HSR Office
P.O. Box 8110
Clearwater, FL  33758-8110
Phone: (727) 573-1340
Fax:  (727) 573-1350

Denise Norton-Beatty - Secretary/Treasurer
​Phone: (727) 573-1340
James Redman - General Manager
Phone: (772) 713-7322

Jack Woehrle - Technical Director
Phone: (803) 463-5388 
Sara Councilor - Chief Registrar
Phone: (727) 573-1340
Dorsey Schroeder - Competition Director
Phone:  (727) 573-1340