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Today, motorsports attracts the largest number of spectators in the sporting world; more than baseball, football and the PGA. Historic racing series such as HSR represent the fastest growing segment of motorsports in the United States and Europe. 

In HSR, the cars are the stars, and spectators are treated to prior winners of great events such as the 12 Hours of Sebring, 24 Hours of Le Mans and 24 Hours of Daytona. Events are as educational as they are adrenaline-inducing, as fans are exposed to pieces of history at the track.

HSR events represent fast-paced, wheel-to-wheel racing. To keep competition close, cars are generally grouped according to age and engine size for racing. HSR features several separate series, which range from the heart-pumping GTP/Group C Series featuring GTP prototypes to the Hawk Performance Endurance Series presented by B.R.M., which includes historic production and prototype sports cars.

Perhaps the best part of HSR events is the open feeling experienced by spectators; unlike other series, fans can stroll through the paddock to view the cars and talk with the drivers. Often, racing legends  are on hand driving cars they previously raced.

As a result of all this, historic racing is coming of age. Major HSR events attract 300 plus entrants and up to 40,000 spectators. Participants and enthusiasts represent an upscale market with large discretionary incomes. Major corporate sponsors such as Hawk Performance, RaceLink, B.R.M. and others are utilizing HSR in their marketing programs.

As a "time machine" of sight and sound, historic racing recaptures an era of motorsports when the cars were simple and the drivers were visible. As modern racing grows ever more dependent on technology and remote from the fans, the appeal of historic racing can only increase.

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HSR, the leader in vintage endurance racing, brings a competitive environment to our racing season through Sprint Races, Special Series, and Endurance Series races.  

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